Power Alabama’s Energy Future

We have a unique opportunity in 2013 to build a more dependable energy future for our citizens and businesses.

By finishing two nearly-complete nuclear energy facilities and closing its dirtiest coal-fired plants, we could save $8 billion and avoid an
October rate increase that will impact nearly everyone. Outside investors have pledged $10 billion toward nuclear energy in the Tennessee Valley. The result
would be a 30% drop in industrial power rates plus lower consumer energy prices. Join us today and help power Alabama’s future.

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Investors Challenge TVA Budget PlanRead Full Article

The Tennessee Valley Authority could avoid a scheduled rate increase next month and cut industrial rates by 30 percent if it scraps its oldest and dirtiest coal plants and finishes its incomplete nuclear plans using outside financing, according to a proposal presented today by former TVA Chairman Dennis Bottorff and energy consultants from Credit Suisse.
TVA Urged to Cut Coal Power, Finish Nuclear PlantsRead Full Article
An investor group recommends TVA retire nine of its 11 coal plants and replace that power by finishing nuclear reactors at Watts Bar and Bellefonte using outside financing.
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Join us to help power our energy future.

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